Minx Hire Clip-in Extensions

Here at Minx we offer top quality clip-in hair extensions for hire or purchase.

This option is perfect for any special occasion. Clip-in hair offers more options with your chosen style in case the natural hair is not long enough or have enough thickness.

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The Minx Clip-in hair extensions have been introduced to give our highly trained stylists limitless options for your beautiful style for your special occasion.

We can utilise the extensions to  create luscious length and fullness to any up or down style. We can create a style that suits you for your wedding, formal, race day or any special event.

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We can also give you guidance on how to use them yourself at home as we have Clip-in Extensions for sale as well.


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Clip-in Hair Extensions Set Details

  • 100% Silky Remy Human Hair
  • 220g- deluxe thickness
  • 20 inch in length
  • 9 Pieces (varying widths)
  • 20 metal clips for secure grip and no slip
  • Life- up to 12 months (depending on care and usage)
  • Can be curled, straightened, toned and washed

Hire- $100 (2 days)

*$400 credit hold applies until extensions are returned

Purchase- $325 (2 weeks for delivery as the come internationally)


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